Jaymes Young- The Sinclair- Boston 11/22/2019

Jaymes Young is back on the road briefly celebrating his two new singles with the Happiest Year North American Tour. As a precursor to this leg of the tour, Young released an official audio video for his single “Paradox.” This upload to Youtube is simple and interesting, allowing the audience to fantasize as to what the live performance of this song will materialize as. 

Young stopped by The Sinclair to perform an intimate and tender show for Boston. Donned in a basic t-shirt and just his guitar, Jaymes exuded concentrated energy, absorbed by the fixated audience in front of him. Even in a room of 525 people, Young seemingly performs for just you. 

The indie artist performed his latest singles, and other mainstream hits from his earlier EP’s Habits of My Heart and Dark Star released 2014 and 2013 respectively. If you think you have not heard a Jaymes Young song, you are greatly mistaken. Young opened with his 2017 release “Infinity,” a song that has accumulated 28 million plays on Spotify alone. His second single “Feel Something” from his 2017 full-length album has accumulated 93 million plays on Spotify and this was reflected in the crowd’s reaction once the familiar backing track began.

Jaymes has a defined and loyal fan base that brought every ounce of focus and attention to this show; every lyric sung from stage was echoed back by the crowd. We were treated to other hits everyone has likely heard such as “Moondust,” a song off of his first EP, “Stoned on You” and the ubiquitous “Habits of My Heart.”

The LED pillars posted at the back of the stage allowed the songs to come alive through visual experience; the illuminated venue allowed every ticketholder to enjoy the show regardless of their location within the venue. The show closed with “I’ll Be Good,” the first single from his second EP Habits of My Heart. He finished out his tour with stops in both Brooklyn and Washington DC. As Jaymes Young announces more cities, you should be inclined to find yourself buying a pair of tickets to be a part of a show with warm crowd and even warmer music.

You can find Jaymes Young everywhere you stream music.

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