Badflower in Boston

Badflower took the OK, I’m Sick tour to Boston for one night at the Sinclair in Cambridge. At capacity and beyond, they put on a sold out but wonderfully intimate show. Their latest and greatest album OK, I’m Sick debuted February 22nd 2019 and landed on the Billboard charts Top 200. They took to the road in September for their very first headlining tour.

If they’re not your favorite band yet, their live performance will win you over. The show opens in darkness with a soundtrack of intimate moans that took all of us by surprise- and threw all of us into a brief wave of awkwardness. The awkwardness of sex sounds transitions into the first song of the night “Wide Eyes” off OK, I’m Sick.

Throughout the entirety of the show, frontman Josh Katz radiates exhaustive energy every second of their performance, giving his audience exactly what they paid to see. With an incredible light show to support the act, they transitioned into songs from their latest album, with a wall of lights illustrating lyrics to every song, they performed their newest single “The Jester,” and some older singles “x Ana x,” “Soap,” and songs like “Animal” from their earlier EP Temper.

The remaining 3 of this quartet consists of guitarist Joey Morrow, bass guitarist Alex Espiritu, and drummer Anthony Sonetti.

The group blasted through 17 songs including an encore of arguably Badflower’s most popular songs “Heroin,” “Ghost,” and “Promise Me.”

If you’ve yet see them in action, check them out when they swing by your city.

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