Killswitch Engage and Clutch @ Worcester Palladium

The boys from Clutch and Killswitch Engage stopped by the Palladium for one of their first shows co-headlining shows of their tour. Clutch warmed up the crow riding on the coattails of their latest album from 2018 entitled “Book of Bad Decisions,” and performing songs such as Rats (circa 1993), “How to Shake Hands,” and of course, what Clutch show would be complete without a cover from ZZ Top? Luckily, some older folks attended this show to teach the millennials who exactly ZZ Top is. Clutch performed a low key show, the focus on the solo’s on lead guitar. The crowd ramped up when they felt the growing anticipation for the timeless metalcore band Killswitch Engage to come on stage. Atonement, their latest album was much of the talk this night, due to their recently released singles “Unleashed,” “The Signal Fire,” and “I Am Broken Too.” The opened with a few songs their fan base would recognize- “Strength of Mind,” “This Fire,” and “Arms of Sorrow.” These songs led up to the fan-favorite “My Curse” which was filled with energy and heavy guitar. If you’re able to catch a show, bring your favorite punk/metalcore friends and go see these guys perform!

Both bands have upcoming shows this month:


September 20th, 2019- Springfield, MA

September 21st, 2019- Erie, PA

September 22nd, 2019- Wilmington, DE

September 24th, 2019- Raleigh, NC

September 25th, 2019- Charlotte, NC

September 26th, 2019- Birmingham, AL

September 27th, 2019- Clarksville, TN

September 29th, 2019- Detroit, MI

September 30th, 2019- Chicago, IL

Killswitch Engage

Some October dates:

October 11th, 2019- Manchester, TN

October 14th, 2019- Norwich, UK

October 15th, 2019- Bristol, UK

October 17th, 2019- Glasglow, UK

October 18th, 2019- Manchester, UK

October 19th, 2019- Birmingham, UK

October 20th, 2019- London, UK

October 22nd, 2019- Brussels, Belgium

October 23rd, 2019- Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 25th, 2019- Oberhausen, GER

October 26th, 2019- Berlin, GER

October 28th, 2019- Helsinki, FIN

October 30th, 2019- Stockholm, SWE

October 31st, 2019- Oslo, NOR

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