Tame Impala @ the St Augustine Amphitheater


Photo by Tessa Paisan

Tame Impala’s show at St. Augustine was nothing short of incredible. The show started off with a band called Mdou Moctar, who I had previously never heard of before. Their performance provided a unique sound and they had the crowd moving and grooving. Their calm yet danceable music provided the perfect opener for Tame Impala.

After their performance, their was a brief changeover. The lights went dark after about 20 minutes, and then a square of LEDs surrounding the bands equipment lit up. This turned into a light show including intense strobe lights that matched perfectly to the music. After this intro, the band came out and kicked off with their hit song “Let it happen”, about 3 minutes into the song the amphitheater was showered with confetti. By this point I had realized that this show was truly something special. As the band continued playing, their was a large LED screen behind them showing psychedelic visuals and at times, the lead singer Kevin Parker’s face would be included in the visuals. His face would be projected onto the LED, but there would be a twist. Sometimes his eyes were shooting lasers out of them, other times his face would be warping with gorgeous colors. Not only that, but about three songs in, during their song “Elephant” they debuted striking lasers. This change up took the whole audience by surprise and really got the crowd moving. All of these elements combined provided a truly psychedelic experience. I am a seasoned Tame Impala fan, and their performance sounded almost better than their recorded songs. I was truly blown away with how perfect they sounded live.

As for the set list, they did not miss a single song that the audience wanted to hear. From playing the majority of the “Currents” album, to playing “Element” and “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” to playing two brand new songs, they truly curated a set that pleased everyone. All in all, from the music to the stage production, this concert was flawless. I really give their whole team my highest congratulations  for pulling off a show where everything is so cohesive.

Tame Impala

Mdou Moctar


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