Greg Holden at Cafe 939


Greg Holden brought his World Tour Me tour to Boston’s Cafe 939 on April 25th and put on a stellar show. Ben Thornewill, who is also the vocalist of the band Jukebox The Ghost, opened up the night with a bang on piano. He played songs of his own as well as songs from Jukebox The Ghost. Ben had the crowd singing along to the songs and getting them riled up to see Greg perform. It was finally time for Greg to grace the dimly lit Cafe 939 stage and the crowd was ready to listen. Greg played a total of 13 songs and opened up his set with “Nothing Changes” which is also the opening track to his new album World War Me. In fact he really gave the crowd a treat and played numerous tracks off his new album including, “On The Run”, “Something Beautiful”, “The Power Shift”, and the hit lead single “I’m Not Your Enemy”. The crowd was loving every moment of it. Greg explained that since this was the first show of the tour that a lot of these new songs he was just performing for the first time and he wanted the crowd to really get into it and sing along. Greg also played the LGBTQ anthem “Boys in The Street” as well as playing “Home” which the crowd was very familiar with. Everyone sang along in unison and it was such a beautiful moment. Greg brought Ben back out to perform two songs “Give it Away”, and “Next Life”. The crowd was loving the banter between the two friends and even played into it. Greg closed the show out with an encore of “I Don’t Believe You”, and “The Lost Boy”. It was evident how much Greg appreciated those who came out to see him that night. It was a night full of love and stellar performances. Check out the photos taken from the show below and be sure to catch Greg on tour!


Greg Holden


Ben Thornewill



Keep up with Greg!






Catch Greg on Tour!

5.1 Ortlieb’s Lounge – Philadelphia, PA 

5.2 Jammin Java – Vienna, VA

5.5 The Basement – Nashville, TN

5.10  Freilichtbühne am Kalkberg – Bad Segeberg, Germany

5.12  Paradiso – Amsterdam, Netherlands

5.14  Ponyhof –  Frankfurt, Germany

5.15  Zehner – München, Germany

5.16  Hangar 49 –  Berlin, Germany

5.17 Altes Pfandhaus – Cologne, Germany

5.19  Nochtspeicher – Hamburg, Germany

5.23  St Pancras Old Church – London,  United Kingdom

5.24  The Eagle Inn – Manchester, United Kingdom

6.1  Lost Lake Lounge – Denver, CO

6.3  Sunset – Seattle, WA

6.4 McMenamins White Eagle Saloon & Hotel –  Portland, OR

6.6 The Hotel Utah – San Francisco, CA

6.7  Moroccan Lounge – Los Angeles, CA


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