The Virtue Tour @ Paper Tiger 03/30/19

Having never attended a show at the Paper Tiger before, I was surprised by the small, dark room everyone was crowded in to. While I personally would’ve preferred to see the show somewhere bigger than a closet, it felt right because this tour is supposed to be intimate –a way for the artist to be closer to the fans. I was glad the room was warm too, because Texas weather is wild, and it was unnecessarily cold outside for it being late March.

Pityforahero started the show with a few of their oldies, a cover song from a band that “really brought them together,” and performed a new song.

Cory Wells walked up and everyone in the room immediately got as close as they possibly could to the stage. Fans belted out lyrics to every song and at the end they inevitably shouted for a hopeful encore.” Cory politely explained they had a schedule to stick to and it was indeed “The End of a Good Thing.”

“1 2 3 fuck it!” was the start to Selfish Things’ set. They didn’t make a good first impression because their singer, Alex Biro, dissed the Spurs and that’s a giant no-no in the San Antonio community. He quickly rebounded by mentioning how the Toronto Raptors aren’t great either; but, by then the audience had enough alcohol in them to vocalize their pride for San Antonio. All in good fun, everyone laughed, and the show went on. Their set was a rollercoaster of heavier songs about the harshness of life, to ballads about love and loss. Including myself, they definitely left with a few more fans.

William Ryan Key started his set with back to back songs from his EPs. He took a break halfway through to introduce his bandmates and to thank the fans for showing up.

“Getting back to doing music this way has been very humbling and refreshing and incredible,” he said in the midst of his set.

WRK played a handful of Yellowcard songs that got us all into our early 2000s feels and then covered “Funeral” by Phoebe Bridgers which then got us into our very sad feels. (Side note: if you haven’t listened to the album “Stranger In The Alps” please do so immediately.) WRK told everyone the last couple of songs are the direction he’s going for in the future and I, for one, am looking forward to his upcoming full length.


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