Interview: The Mowgli’s on Their American Feelings EP

Cr. Cortney Armitage_5The Mowgli’s have always been known for their upbeat, anthemic songs. Hailing from Venice, CA, The Mowgli’s are a six piece band consisting of Colin Dieden – (vocals/guitar), Joshua Hogan – (vocals/guitar), Katie Jayne Earl – (vocals), Matthew Di Panni – (bass), David Appelbaum – (keys), Andy Warren – (drums). They recently released their new EP titled American Feelings which has received outstanding feedback from fans and critics around the world. The band correlates the EP to the youth of America and how important just being yourself really is. Each song on the EP serve different meanings but together as a whole they come together on a theme of connection, or lack of in today’s society. As with most of The Mowgli’s songs, these songs are mostly upbeat and happy except for the somber track “Norman Rockwell” which was actually based off of a Norman Rockwell painting. The Mowgli’s have done an outstanding job at creating a visual into what life is like as an American in todays society.

The Mowgli’s are currently on the Making Friends Tour with Jukebox The Ghost and Twin XL, and they are set to make their return to Boston at the end of the month on March 28th at The Royale.We got the chance to talk to guitarist Josh Hogan about the American Feelings EP, life on the road, and future plans so be sure to check out our interview below!


1. You recently released your American Feelings EP, how does it feel having it out for the world to hear?

We’re especially proud of this work and we can’t wait for it to reach as many ears and hearts as possible. We’re loving playing the songs live and seeing a reaction from fans already.

2. You’ve talked about the American Feelings EP being about the youth of America, how important are the messages on the EP regarding today’s society? 

We believe that it’s very important to look inside ourselves, communicate and be honest and talk things out with an open mind. These are the themes all over the EP that we stand behind and we think that message is very important to everyone in our society, especially these days where conversation is often so polarized.

3. Now that you have released a few EPs would you say that you prefer doing an EP rather than a full album?

We are really into the EP right now. We’re always writing music, and releasing an EP gives us the opportunity to release music more often. It’s also nice to give all of the songs a better chance of being heard rather be buried in the bottom of an album. 

4. You’ve toured in Boston before, is there any spot in Boston that is your favorite or you’d like to check out?

We’ve always toured through Boston with our dogs Abby and Suki, and we always loved taking them to Boston Common. We’ve retired them from touring, so now we’re actually excited to explore some of Boston that we’ve never experienced before. 

5. When you can find time to relax on tour what do you like to do? 

We love a good dog interaction. We like to explore cities and partake in whatever local fare is available. We also make art in our different ways, phone friends, do yoga, etc.

6. You’ve toured with a lot of different bands, is there a certain tour that was your favorite to be a part of? 

I had a really really good time on tour with The Maine. They are really great people and their crew is great and it was inspiring to see an independent band with such a dedicated fan base. Touring with them was something special.  We’ve had some great bands with us who are life-long friends now.

7. What else can we expect from you guys in 2019?

We are going to keep on creating music and art and we hope to be back on tour in the summer and fall.

8. You mentioned that when making Norman Rockwell you were inspired by Rockwell’s paintings, have any of your other songs/albums been inspired by another work of art?

We’ve had the opposite happen actually. With our first ep ‘love’s not dead’ we created the artwork with two Joshua trees stretching for each other as if they were in love. 

9. The Mowgli’s are mainly based in California, do you think being in California has influenced your music in any way? 

Being in California has definitely influenced our music. California is a special place. There’s something in the air, besides the smog and pot smoke.  Something about the sunshine and the ocean and the mountains and the desert… it’s where we belong!

10. You have been a band for almost 10 years now, is there anything that you would want to tell your younger selves when first forming this band? 

I would tell myself to play sober and like a champion. I would also remind my younger self to keep it professional at all times and share the space. 

11. Can we expect a 10 year anniversary tour ? 

There has been yak of a 10 year anniversary of our first album. I’m rooting for it!

12. Lastly, what’s an unusual or fun fact about the band that people may not know?

Katie and Andy have known each other since first grade!


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Remaining Tour Dates

March 13 – The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
March 16 – The Truman – Kansas City, MO
March 18 – Varsity Theatre – Minneapolis, MN
March 19 – Turner Hall – Milwaukee, WI
March 20 – Metro – Chicago, IL
March 21 – El Club – Detroit, MI
March 22 – Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
March 23 – Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH
March 24 – Mr. Smalls Theatre – Pittsburgh, PA
March 26 – The Haunt – Ithaca, NY
March 27 – Brooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY
March 28 – Royale – Boston, MA
March 29 – Higher Ground – Burlington, VT
March 30 – The Met – Providence, RI

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