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Memphis May Fire with Ice Nine Kills and Atreyu @ Baltimore Soundstage On 11/21/18

Memphis May Fire took the stage at the Baltimore Soundstage on November 21, 2018 for a SOLD OUT show on the Atreyu Tour with Ice Nine Kills and Sleep Signals (not pictured).   The room was packed, there was hardly anywhere to move. Memphis May Fire took the stage and brought the energy with them. They had just released a new album, “Broken” on November 16th. They played favorite songs from their previous releases such as “No Ordinary Love” and “Vices” but also their newest single “The Old Me” from their new album. Security struggled to keep up with the continuous crowd surfers, encouraged by Mullins, himself.

Ice Nine Kills also just released a new album called “The Silver Scream” on October 5, 2018. This new album is horror movie themed and they took that to their stage production where each member of the band represented a different horror movie such as IT and SAW. They played songs from the new album such as “Thank God It’s Friday” and “The American Nightmare” with songs from Every Trick in The Book such as “The Communion of the Cursed”. The crowd also loved their energy and they expressed their love for playing in Baltimore. There was as much crowd surfing as before and Spencer often jumped into the crowd to interact with the audience. The most impressive thing was when he went far into the crowd walking on people’s hands.

Atreyu, the headliners, captivated the energy in the room. It was clear that everyone was excited to see them. Alex had a lot of energy and constantly jumped into the crowd to sing in audience members faces. The room was just as packed by the end of the night and everyone was singing along and crowd surfing. Alex even took to run through the crowd to the back of the venue to interact with all the fans. Fans were so excited.  There was even a giant inflatable skull outside the venue like the one on the flyer.

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