The Front Bottoms and Manchester Orchestra @ Brooklyn Steel



The Front Bottoms and Manchester Orchestra are finishing up an epic co-headlining tour and if you’re a fan living in the tri-state area you probably had an exciting weekend. They sold out their back to back shows at Brooklyn Steel on Friday and Saturday followed by The Front Bottom’s fifth annual Champagne Jam in Asbury Park, NJ on Sunday. Both east coast based bands have extremely devoted fans making for what is always guaranteed to be an exciting show. Shannen Moser opened the shows at Brooklyn Steel with dreamy folk music. The co-headlining bands had been alternating who goes first from show to show and on Saturday night, The NJ indie rock group came on next. While technically The Front Bottoms are a duo consisting of lead signer and guitarist Brian Sella and drummer Mat Uychich, as thier music evolved they’ve had an expanding touring lineup of talented musicians that help make thier discography come to fruition live. The stage is outfitted like a hometown bar, complete with an actual bartender serving drinks and a revolving group of friends entering the stage for a drink, then leaving after a few songs for the process to repeat throughout the performance. They open the show with West Virgina, followed by a solid set list of fan favorites including “Peace Sign”, “Maps”, “Flashlight”, “The Beers”, “Lipstick Covered Magnet” and then closing out thier set with “Twin Size Mattress”. Manchester Orchestra performed next and began the show with “The Maze” from their newest album A Black Mile To The Surface. Light illuminated the silhouettes of lead signer and guitarist, Andy Hull, lead guitarist Robert McDowell, Bassist Andy Prince, drummer Tim Very, and touring keyboardist Brooks Tipton. The rest of the set list included songs like “Shake It Out”, “I Can Barely Breathe”, “Simple Math”, “Cope”, and more. Manchester Orchestra’s performance is cinematic and beautiful and not to be missed.

The last show of the tour is tonight, 12/18 in Lowell, MA.

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