The Regrettes Rock the House in Boston at Sonia



The Regrettes made their return to Boston and gave the crowd one hell of a powerful performance. Hailing from California, The Regrettes consists of Lydia Night (lead singer), Genessa Gariano (guitarist), Brooke Dickson (bassist), and Drew Thomsen (drummer).  Their infectious melodies and punk driven guitar riffs are what make The Regrettes so memorable. When you hear them you just want to get lost in the music and head bang away. Seeing them live is a whole other experience. Their stage presence is electric. From the moment they graced the stage and up until the last song they had the Boston crowd fully engaged. They opened up with their newly released song “California Friends” which the crowd went nuts for. The band played a majority of songs from their first album Feel Your Feelings Fool! along with songs from their Attention Seeker EP while also throwing in a punk cover of “Last Christmas” which was an unexpected treat. It was a night full of good tunes and electric energy. Check out our photos from the show below also featuring the two opening acts, Micky James, and Welles!


 The Regrettes



        Micky James



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