Pinegrove at The Sinclair 11.24.18


After a year long hiatus, Pinegrove returned to Boston for a show at The Sinclair on their Skylight Tour and they did not disappoint. Pinegrove recently released a new album called Skylight which they played in its entirety to start the show off. They would then transition into playing songs off of their well loved album Cardinal including “Size of the Moon” and a crowd favorite “Old Friends” which made everyone go wild. Just when everyone thought they were done they came back out for four more songs making it a total of twenty three songs played, the crowd definitely was well treated that night. To close the show out Pinegrove brought out Nandi Rose Plunkett to have her sing the last four songs together. It was a jam packed night full of new songs and classics and everyone sure seemed to be happy that Pinegrove was back. Take a look at our photos from the show below!



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