Interview: Chris LoPorto from Can’t Swim


Based in Keansburg, New Jersey, Can’t Swim is an American rock band that signed to Pure Noise Records back in December of 2015. A year after signing, the band released their debut EP, Death Deserves a Name, and their first studio album was later on released on March 10th, 2017. Lead singer Chris LoPorto got together with Black Noise to discuss the released of their newest album, This Too Won’t Pass.

1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview you. First off, could you tell our readers a bit about the band? What brought you guys together?

Can’t Swim started at the end of 2015. Danny, Greg, Chez and myself started the band together. We started hanging and jamming on these ideas I had simply to pass the time. Just a reason to get together and hang out. Never thought we would be a full-time band, never thought we would put records out. It was all very unexpected.


2. Do you have any artists that inspire you the most? Any songs that you can remember hearing as a kid that made you want to become a musician?

Robert Smith of The Cure is a big one. I remember hearing Just Like Heaven for the first time and being blown away by it. I loved all the sounds and textures, the lyrics, and just the overall vibe of how they looked and performed.


3. In regards to your newest album, how did This Too Won’t Pass came to be? What inspired it?

We have been doing Can’t Swim now for 3 years and just being in this band and surrounded by great musicians inspired me to make the record.  The guys are always pushing me to be a better singer and a better songwriter, it’s something we all work hard at. We wanted to do something that really sounded like us and capture what energy we put out on stage.


4. How would you consider This Too Won’t Pass different from your previous work?

It’s more focused. We were very adamant about making it sound like Can’t Swim. Songs that we could really pull off live, music that came natural to us. If an idea wasn’t working, we wouldn’t beat it to death, we would throw it away and start on something that felt right.


5. Can you recall a distinct memory or funny anecdote during the making of the album?

Oh, there was many. We would stay up all night drinking coffee working on parts and recording vocals until one of us would fall over. Greg trying to hit insanely high harmonies and blowing out his voice, Danny recording drums blindfolded, and Chez yelling into the pickups of his guitar, it was an insane process.


6. Is there any song that has an important or significant meaning to you?

Winter Of Cicada is a very personal song for me lyrically. First time I was apprehensive about releasing something that personal. I am glad it made the record and happy I get to share it with people.


7. What can fans expect from this album? What do you want them to know?

That they aren’t in this alone. I have gone through a lot of the problems I am sure they are going through, and with that, I hope it makes them feel a little better. People can expect a familiar sound of Can’t Swim but with a new approach. I think we finally figured out what kind of band we are and I hope people jump on board.


8. Any advice you can give to aspiring artists/musicians that wish to follow in similar footsteps to yours?

Make music you like and feel proud of. Never stop practicing and getting better, it will make the whole process more enjoyable. Surround yourself with friends, making music with people you love will cause a greater product. Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t let others bring you down.


9. What do you, as creators, as a band, wish to accomplish with your music? What message do you want to give?

I just tell my stories in hopes it helps people in similar situations. Musically we want to show kids that anyone can start a band and make friendships and feel productive through music. I was very lost before Can’t Swim, it gave me a purpose. I would suggest anyone feeling out of place to do the same, it helped me a lot.


10. Finally, anything else you would like to add?

Stretch before you play, you’ll thank me later in life.

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