Polyphia @ Trees Dallas

Currently promoting their recent album New Levels New Devils, Polyphia stopped by Dallas as one of their last shows for the American leg of their tour. With such lively openers as CoVet and Hail The Sun, as well as Polyphia’s own unique energy and sound, it was no wonder it was a sold out show. Check out photos from the s


how, as well as a list of remaining tour dates below.

NOV 18 – Chuo-ku, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
NOV 19 – Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
NOV 21 – Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
FEB 6 – Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
FEB 7 – Glasgow City, United Kingdom
FEB 8 – Nottingham, United Kingdom
FEB 9 – Leeds, United Kingdom
FEB 10 – Brighton, United Kingdom
FEB 11 – Bristol, United Kingdom
FEB 12 – London, United Kingdom
FEB 13 – West Midlands, United Kingdom

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