The Amulet Tour Hits NYC

Critically acclaimed progressive rock outfit Circa Survive took The Amulet Tour out for another round, this time making a stop at NYC’s Playstation Theater. The quintet are out on the road promoting the deluxe edition of The Amulet which has two new singles; dreamy track “Dark Pools” and rambunctious thriller “Indra’s Net.” Circa came on to the stage with a dream like set up. An eye catching backdrop that consistently created jaw dropping visuals.  They opened up their set with track “Lustration,” quickly drawing fans in with their moody and theatrical visuals, then rapidly transitioning into classic single “The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is In the Dose” which got fans revved up and eager for more. Circa played tracks old and new and kept fans mesmerized. The stage presence of front Anthony Green is striking. He is single handedly one of the most remarkable frontmen around. The musicianship of Collin Frangicetto, Brendan Ekstrom, Steve Clifford, and Nick Beard is unparalleled. Circa ended the first part of their set with track “Get Out” and closed with two encore tracks “Battle,My Love” and “The Amulet”. Take a glimpse of the magical night in the gallery below.

CS66 (1 of 1)CS22 (1 of 1)CS1 (1 of 1)CS21 (1 of 1)CS88 (1 of 1)CS7 (1 of 1)CS25 (1 of 1)CS3 (1 of 1)CS6 (1 of 1)CS48 (1 of 1)CS9 (1 of 1)CS38 (1 of 1)CS46 (1 of 1)CS35 (1 of 1)CS20 (1 of 1)CS44 (1 of 1)CS43 (1 of 1)


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