Years and Years and CYN Play to a Packed Crowd in Dallas, TX!

Years and Years played to a packed crowd at Canton Hall in Dallas, TX! Years and Years is a indie pop band from London, UK. I personally haven’t dove into their music but I knew of them due to their role in the LGBT+ community so I was ecstatic to hear their music and performance!


Up first was a killer female artist that goes by the name, CYN. Due to a parking issue I thought I would be unable to catch her set but they were running a bit behind so I got there just in time, I was so happy I was able to catch her! CYN puts on a powerful performance and has such an enchanting stage presence. She definitely gained a few new fans that night, including myself!

Finally, Years and Years took the stage. Opening with “Sanctify” the crowd went wild. Frontman, Olly Alexander, is hands down one of my favorite people to watch perform. The amount of energy and grace in his performance was astonishing. One moment I remember in particular was when Olly was thrown a g-string on stage, picked it up and swung it around. Years and Years continued through the set playing new and old songs, they even put a halt to the dance music to play a lovely ballad on the piano.

Years and Years and CYN put on an amazing show that I would see again. If you don’t listen to Years and Years or CYNmake sure you do, you won’t regret it!


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