Bishop Briggs in Dallas, TX!


Bishop Briggs played to a packed crowd at House of Blues in Dallas, TX! Bishop Briggs is a female alternative rock artist born in London but raised in Japan & Hong Kong! My first memory of Bishop’s music is when she was a mentor on American Idol this year! I fell in love with her unique style & vocals!


Up first was the lovely Donna Missal. Donna played many songs from her debut album, “This Time”. I was so impressed from her live performance, the way she owns the stage is mesmerizing.  My favorite part about her set was hearing her vocal range. She really knows how to add some grit into her voice to make her music even more real than it already is. The crowd welcomed Donna with open arms and absolutely loved her.



Finally it was time for Bishop! She took the stage and started off with a song called “The Way I Do” off of her E.P “River”! Bishop is by far one of the most energetic people I have seen perform live. She literally ran laps around the stage. The crowd was super hype the entire time! She continued into new and old songs such as “White Flag” and “Holding On”. I was ecstatic to hear her newest single, “Baby”, and she didn’t disappoint! Bishop’s tone is so smooth.


Bishop Briggs puts on an amazing show that I would love to see again. If you don’t listen to Bishop Briggs, you’re missing out on supporting an amazingly talented woman!


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