The Second Leg Of The Peace & The Panic Tour Makes It’s Way To Starland Ballroom

It was a Hopeless Records family reunion as label mates Neck Deep, Trophy Eyes, Stand Atlantic, and WSTR blazed through Starland Ballroom for the second leg of Neck Deep’s The Peace and the Panic Tour. The sold out crowd was bustling and full of energy as WSTR, the first act of the night, took the stage with their party punk rock attitude and care free punk tunes. Aussie natives Stand Atlantic were next to show the crowd what they’re made of. The recently signed Hopeless Records act had a cult like fan base that night that were crowd surfing to every track. Give Stand Atlantic a couple of years and they’ll definitely turn into a headlining act you’ll never forget. Another Australian group that has grown tremendously is rock quintet Trophy Eyes. Trophy Eyes came into the scene in 2014 with their debut full length Mend, Move On, but it wasn’t until their critically acclaimed sophomore album Chemical Miracle that Trophy Eyes gained notable attention in the scene. Now, with the release of their third full length The American Dream, Trophy Eyes have evolved musically to a fearless genre bending band. The quintet opened up the night with “You Can Count On Me,” the lead single off of The American Dream and track “Lavender Bay,” leaving fans pumped. When tracks “Breathe You In” and “Chlorine” played the crowed went wild . Trophy Eyes ended their set on a high note with single “Friday Forever.”

Now for the main event. As the crowd was packed like sardines in the venue, they grew more and more rambunctious each passing minute waiting for NecK Deep to take the stage. With three full length LP’s under their belt, The Welsh quintet we all know and love have been bangining out pop punk anthems since 2012.  With the release of The Peace and the Panic, we see Neck Deep grow from typical pop punk band to a stand out act of rock juggernauts. Neck Deep wasted no time as they blazed through the stage with their opening track “Motion Sickness.”  Each band members showmanship was impeccable. With guitarist Matt West and Sam Bowden sprinting across the stage, vocalist Ben Barlow’s high jumps and natural charisma, on top of a sick set design with pyro and stunning lighting brought to you by lighting director Nathaniel Beckett; it was a sight you wouldn’t wanna miss. The intensity of the crowd didn’t waiver throughout their entire eighteen track set. The room was filled with youthful exuberance as Neck Deep continued to play their eclectic list of new and classic tracks. From “Kali Ma” to “Gold Steps” to “Happy Judgement Day,” the setlist was filled with fan favorite tracks old and new. Neck Deep closed out the first part of their set with “In Bloom,”  where they brought out good friend Saxophonist Saxel Rose to play along side them. Leaving fans awestruck at the beautiful rendition of an already stunning song. For Neck Deep’s encore fans were filled with glee as they played “Can’t Kick Up The Roots” and “Where Do We Go From Here.”

Neck Deep have came along way over the years and it’s a wonderful sight seeing them skyrocket to being pop punk powerhouses. Take a glimpse of the night in the gallery below.



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