Troye Sivan’s Bloom Tour in Dallas, TX!

Troye Sivan kicked off his headlining tour in Dallas, TX!

Being the first stop on the Bloom Tour, fans were very eager to see what Troye had in store for this show. Fans waited outside all day in the pouring ran to be up close and personal with Troye. I was even excited to be up close! Watching Troye’s career ~bloom~ has been truly amazing. He went from a Youtube star to a pop star in just a matter of seconds. Troye brought his first headlining tour for his debut album, “Blue Neighbourhood”, to Dallas in 2016 and played an intimate show. Where as this tour, Troye played to a packed room to The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory! I must say, these fans were very dedicated as this was some of the worst rain many Texans had ever seen, even after multiple flash flood warnings fans still came out to see Troye.

Troye had amazing support for the night from artists Leland and Kim Petras. Kim Petras gave an amazing DJ set that hyped up the crowd!

A red curtain was drawn and suddenly it pulled up and Troye Sivan emerged. The crowd went wild. He appeared in a light grey suit and started the set off with the first song off his record “Bloom” called “Seventeen”. Honestly wasn’t expecting Troye to start the set off slowly but it was an amazing choice. Troye stood in front of the curtain and created this beautiful silhouette behind him half way through the song Troye ran back behind the curtain and the curtain dropped, there he was stood on a platform singing the ending of “Seventeen”.

Next, Troye played the second single off of his album “Bloom”, The first thing I noticed was how insane this lighting rig was. I loved it even more after post processing, they looked so beautiful in the foreground. Troye was so fun to shoot. Although, it seemed like maybe Troye had a rough time dancing in the suit as he joked “I don’t know how Harry Styles does it with the suit!”.

He danced his heart out this evening. Troye transitioned into one of my personal favorites off of “Bloom” called “Plum”. As a fan myself it was so fun to have no idea what the set list was going to be! I have never seen an artist be so happy on stage. It is refreshing to see someone love what they do and put their all into it. The crowd was amazing. They literally sung along to every song and danced along with Troye.

Up next was a more emotional track off of Troye’s first album. “Blue Neighbourhood” called “Heaven”. This song means so much to so many people. The room was illuminated by everyone’s cellphone lights. Pride flags filled the crowd. It was something so beautiful and special. He played “Fools”as he stood on the platform, my favorite part of this was how sick the lighting rig looked, the lights formed a giant X and had this dissolving effect that created a cool silhouette. Next was my favorite song off of “Bloom” called “Lucky Strikes” the red lighting encased the venue as Troye danced around the stage and hyped the crowd up. Troye then explained how excited he was to play his songs and for us and how much he missed it. He also spoke about how he had been in Dallas for about a week to rehearse for the tour but most of the things he did were dog related, as he brought his dog on tour, but he mentioned how lovely the people in Dallas were and how amazing the food was and threw it back by playing another song off of “Blue Neighbourhood” called “Wild” and everyone wiped away their tears a jumped around to the upbeat love song.

Troye suddenly left the stage and a living room was setup, leaving the crowd very confused. Troye came back in a new outfit and played a ballad off of “Bloom” called “Postcard” surrounded by lamps as he sat on the edge of a couch. Half way through the song a woman emerged on the other end of the couch and sang along with Troye. Troye remained on the couch and spoke about how “The Good Side” was one of the hardest songs for him to write as he wanted to treat his break up on tour with respect then his guitar player joined him and they finished out the song and started with “What A Heavenly Way to Die” the four beams of red light shined onto Troye as he laid on the sofa and sang. Troye stepped down from the couch and stood on the platform to play an acoustic cover of Post Malone’s “Better Now”. Which might be better than the original…

The lights went dark and the crowd awaited Troye’s arrival again. Suddenly three squares of light appeared and an intro track began to play. Troye then emerged onto the  stage again and came back in Bloom Tour merch and some track pants and started singing “Bite” from “Blue Neighbourhood” and had a part of the song where he had the entire crowd jump along with him. The beginning of “Dance To This” Troye’s track featuring Ariana Grande began playing, the lighting rig for this reminded me of what a disco ball looks like when light is being reflected off of it. Troye obviously, danced along to this track. Troye let his female backup singer sing Ariana’s part in “Dance To This” their voices fit so well together. Troye then accepted some fan gifts such as a journal, photo book and a light pink cowboy hat. He explained how this was the last song of the night but that it was his favorite off the album and this was specifically one of the ones that he wanted to preform live, so he was very ecstatic. Up rose purple lights and Troye began singing “Animal”. The crowd sang loudly along with Troye during the chorus. Troye bounced around the stage and eventually left.

The crowd cheered and clapped for Troye and insisted for an encore. With no warning Troye came back on stage and started singing “Youth” and sang their hearts out along with Troye. Troye began expressing how happy he was to be on tour and that he loved the glamour of it.. like lying to the crowd and saying “that’s the end of the show, when everyone knows you’re coming back.”. Troye joked about how they now ~actually~ have one song left but, the requirement to be in the room was to “come exactly as you are, no one cares, we’re gonna love you, the only requirement is that you go harder, double as hard for this last song as you’ve gone for the rest of the night.” The lights got dark and began to flash and then the intro for “My My My” began to play but this wasn’t the “My My My” we excepted, it was an EDM version! Which made the crowd go crazy! The really went double as hard like Troye had asked.

Sadly, the night came to an end. This was hands down one of the best shows I have been to in awhile. Troye put on such a beautiful show. The passion and thought he puts behind his art is truly inspiring and amazing to see. If you don’t know Troye Sivan you 100% should, seeing him live is game changing. You won’t regret it. Make sure you stream Troye’s new album, “Bloom”, out everywhere now. Look below for future tour dates!


Houston, TX
Revention Music Center

Tickets & RSVP


Jacksonville, FL
Daily’s Place Amphitheater

Tickets & RSVP


Saint Petersburg, FL
Mahaffey Theater

Tickets & RSVP


Atlanta, GA
Coca-Cola Roxy

Tickets & RSVP


Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre

Tickets & RSVP


Washington, DC
The Anthem

Tickets & RSVP


Upper Darby, PA
Tower Theatre

Tickets & RSVP


New York, NY
Radio City Music Hall

Tickets & RSVP


Laval, Canada
Place Bell

Tickets & RSVP


Boston, MA
Boch Center – Wang Theatre

Tickets & RSVP


Detroit, MI
Fox Theatre Detroit

Tickets & RSVP


Toronto, Canada
Sony Centre

Tickets & RSVP


Minneapolis, MN
State Theatre

Tickets & RSVP


Chicago, IL
The Chicago Theatre

Tickets & RSVP


Milwaukee, WI
The Rave / Eagles Club

Tickets & RSVP


Denver, CO
Fillmore Auditorium

Tickets & RSVP


Phoenix, AZ
Comerica Theatre

Tickets & RSVP


San Diego, CA
SDSU Open Air Theatre

Tickets & RSVP


Anaheim, CA
House Of Blues

Tickets & RSVP


Los Angeles, CA
Greek Theatre

Tickets & RSVP


San Francisco, CA
Masonic Auditorium

Tickets & RSVP


San Francisco, CA
The Masonic

Tickets & RSVP


Portland, OR
Roseland Theater

Tickets & RSVP


Seattle, WA
Paramount Theatre

Tickets & RSVP


Vancouver, Canada
Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Tickets & RSVP


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