Dreamers, Weathers & Morgxn in Dallas, TX

Dreamers brought their headlining tour to Dallas, TX with a packed crowd full of energy!

The crowd was scattered with teens and young adults eager for a night filled with great songs and new memories. Up first was alternative singer/ songwriter Morgxn. Morgxn filled the room with his heartfelt songs. He played some songs off of his new record, “Vital”, such as “me without you” a song about his fathers passing & “bruised” an uplifting song about loving yourself for you. Morgxn continued his set with very moving speeches throughout. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the energy and passion Morgxn put into his performance.

Weathers took the stage and engaged the crowd with their alternative rock tracks like “1983”, “Poser” and “I’m Not Ok” my personal favorite, a song highlighting mental health and accepting that its ok to not be ok! Their set was jam packed with songs off their new record “Kids In The Night”. The crowd had such high energy for their set, everyone was jumping and singing along.

Finally, the time had come! Dreamers hit the stage! They started the set off with “SCREWS” and transitioned into a song off of their new EP, “FLY”, called “Misfits T-Shirt” a high energy track about the feeling like you need someone after a breakup. Dreamers filled their set with both new and old songs and eventually slowed everything down by playing “Come Down Slow” off of their debut album, “This Album Does Not Exist”. The crowd was screaming along to their favorite songs and even partook in clapping and jumping when commanded by front man, Nick Wold! I even saw a father and his daughter screaming along and dancing to “Wolves (You Got Me)” which was sadly Dreamers last song of the night! The band stayed after the set and met as many fans as possible. Dallas loved Dreamers and cannot wait to see and hear more from them! Make sure you keep and eye out for them! Look below to see upcoming tour dates!


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