Review: Welcome To The Neighborhood – Boston Manor


After two years of touring between Boston Manor’s first full length Be Nothing, the boys from Blackpool are back with their second full length Welcome to The Neighborhood, available for purchase and to stream on Friday, September 7th.

You don’t have to listen for more than a couple of seconds before you can see that the UK punk styles of Boston Manor records past have been through a dramatic evolution. From the very first track, we hear that the vocal stylings of lead vocalist Henry Cox have gone through a sort of renaissance. Whereas we are used to hearing a more powerful punk vocal, Cox’s voice shows how talented a range he possesses. The track takes an overall poppier tone than expected but is finely ingrained with the rock roots which carry it nicely into the rest of the record.

The second track, a blending the expanded vocal tones with their heavily punk origins, acts as a setup for the rest of the record with the interchanging and combination of the sounds continuing through till the last song.

While there are still plenty of tracks that are undeniably Boston Manor, Welcome To The Neighborhood is peppered with new melodies and emotions that speak to the maturing of the group. Speaking to the stark differences of the new record Cox pointed out what changed, “Before, we were scared to try stuff, whereas on this record there were no limits. We wanted to push ourselves, instead of being terrified to dip just one little toe in the wrong direction.”

Any Boston Manor fans will be able to recognize the music from their new record as the punk band they know and love, and will undoubtedly feel as though they too are growing with the young five-piece group as they find their identities within the punk scene.

You can check out the music video for Halo, one of the tracks off Welcome To The Neighborhood here.






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