Interview: Miranda Glory



Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Miranda Glory is a voice you should be familiar with if you’re not already. From her powerhouse R&B and electronic/pop influenced music, Miranda is not afraid to be vulnerable. Miranda found her love for music through musical theater and through a consumption of different artists and genres she grew up listening to. She was inspired by artists like John Mayer, Coldplay, & Nirvana, which lead her to want to start writing her own songs, while also learning to play the guitar, piano, and drums in the process. Miranda ended up graduating from the Professional Performing Arts School in NYC and later attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where she would score her first major solo success, to record a vinyl LP. From there she would be discovered and selected to the Neverland Songwriting retreat which helped spark her career even further. She’s been writing, recording and releasing music now for a few years, which has gained a lot of success. Most recently she released her new single “Hypochondriac” and we got to talk to her about the story behind it and so much more!

Hi Miranda nice to talk to you! Can you give the readers a little background on yourself?


Hi there! So nice to talk to you too.  I’m from New York City but I recently moved to Los Angeles. I’ve been writing songs and performing since I was around 14 and I studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music. The past year I’ve been releasing some singles and I’ve also done quite a few collaborations with DJs. I’m really excited that this new single is out and the music video is out now too!

You recently released your new single “Hypochondriac” can you tell us the story behind it?


So basically I’m a huge hypochondriac in real life and I thought that would be a really cool song title. I think I was on WebMD one day for a lot longer than I’d care to admit, when I thought of how similar the feeling of anxiety I would get about my health was to some of my past relationships. I remember reading into things a lot and overacting because I felt insecure and I wanted to try to capture that in this song.


What was the process like writing that song?


It was so much fun to write this with some of my best friends and favorite writers (Jason Hahs, Matt Ferree & Natania Lalwani). I explained the concept to them and they completely understood what I was talking about and really helped me find clever and interesting ways to say what I was feeling.  From there we did a couple re-writes of the verses to get them just right but other than that it was pretty much done on that first day.


How would you describe your music in one word? 




You’ve collaborated with a few artists already but is there anyone else that you would love to collab with? 


I’m a huge Billie Eilish fan. I think it would be so cool to collaborate with her on something.  In terms of DJ’s I always really like what Grey puts out. It’d be awesome to work with them on something!


What’s in store for the rest of 2018 for you? Tours? New music? 


Definitely more music coming very soon! Hopefully a tour too! The best way to stay updated on shows and new songs/ collaborations is on my social media pages. I’ll be posting everything as soon as I can. 🙂

Where do you take your inspiration from when writing your songs?


I take a lot of inspiration from my own experiences.  I feel like my life is always filled with crazy stuff happening to me and I’m a super emotional person so it’s usually pretty easy to draw from what I’m feeling. I try to write down song ideas constantly because I feel like inspiration strikes me at the most random times and I’m not always to write the song at that moment so I keep a list on my phone.

What do you want listeners to take away from your music?


I hope they feel that my music is extremely genuine and honest. I really try to keep it real so that other people can relate to what I’m saying and feel a little less alone in whatever they’re going through.


If you could tour anywhere in the world where would you tour? 


Asia, because I’ve never been and I’m dying to go!


If you weren’t doing music what else would you be doing? 

GREAT question.  I can’t really see myself doing something outside of a creative field but I do love television so maybe something in that world.


Finally, what’s a fun fact about you that people may not know? 


One of my hobbies is astrology. I don’t take it too seriously but I have a lot of fun reading about signs and doing birth charts for my friends.


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