Jimmy Eat World @ Brooklyn Steel

Jimmy Eat World stepped into the scene in the mid 90’s releasing three cult classic full lengths (Jimmy Eat World, Static Prevails. Clarity), however it wasn’t until their 2001 release of  Bleed American  that skyrocketed the five piece Arizona band to fame. Jimmy Eat World quickly transformed into rock juggernauts and lead the early 2000’s emo wave. With nine full lengths under their belt they have become unstoppable and a major influence for multiple bands in the scene.  Jimmy Eat World are currently out on the road in support of their ninth album Integrity Blues.   The band opened up their set with “Sure and Certain” off of  their recent release  Integrity Blues and smoothly transitioned into single “I Will Steal You Back” off their eight album Damage.   The crowds energy skyrocketed when they played “Big Casino” off of album Chase This LIght.  The room was filled with eager and awestruck fans completely engaged and filled with anticipation. Jimmy Eat World slowed down the night with ballads “Hear You Me” and “23,” leaving me and other fans in tears because of its beauty and impact. Jimmy Eat World closed out the night with four classic tracks “Bleed American,” “A Praise Chorus,” “Sweetness,” and smash hit “The Middle.” Get a glimpse of the magical night in the gallery below.

JEW16 (1 of 1)JEW11 (1 of 1)JEW29 (1 of 1)JEW28 (1 of 1)JEW15 (1 of 1)JEW9 (1 of 1)JEW30 (1 of 1)JEW27 (1 of 1)JEW7 (1 of 1)JEW33 (1 of 1)JEW4 (1 of 1)JEW6 (1 of 1)JEW3 (1 of 1)JEW5 (1 of 1)JEW2 (1 of 1)JEW32 (1 of 1)JEW1 (1 of 1)JEW8 (1 of 1)JEW26 (1 of 1)JEW31(1 of 1)


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