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Gallery: Dance Gavin Dance @ Upstate Concert Hall. Clifton Park, NY.

I was able to cover Dance Gavin Dance at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, New York on June 8th, the day their new album Artificial Selection was released. Support for the tour included Erra, Sianvar, and I See Stars. I was only able to capture I See Stars in addition to Dance Gavin Dance. I See Stars played mostly songs from their latest release Treehouse. The show was 90% Sold Out, according to the flyer that DGD put on Twitter. It was certainly packed. /// Check out my Twitter _heyemuhlee and Instagram Dearemilyxx for more!

Dance Gavin Dance played a handful of songs from the new album including Care, Midnight Crusade and Frozen One. The energy in the room erupted when they took the stage and there were crowd surfers non-stop. These guys really know how to put on a live performance. Both John and Tilian worked the stage and interacted with eager fans on the barricade who were singing all of the words.

The tour is over now but Dance Gavin Dance are performing tomorrow June 22 for free in Sacramento, California.


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