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Underoath @ White Oak Music Hall, Houston

Underoath made a stop in Houston last night as part of their No Fix Tour with Limbs, Veil of Maya and Dance Gavin Dance. With crazy weather changes in Houston and which forces the show to be put indoors instead of outdoors at The Lawn, some may feel this might affect the atmosphere of the show. Turns out it didn’t.

Hailing from the some town as Underoath, Limbs open up the show followed by Chicago-based band Veil of Maya and Dance Gavin Dance. With the venue barely filled up at the start it was jam packed by the time DGD took the stage. All that was left was Underoath.

There have been concerns the past few months on whether Underoath is bringing back the band together for good, after a long run of reunion shows and no new materials for awhile, fans are worries that Underoath may not stay for long and this reunion is nothing more than a crowd pleaser. But the band released a new album, Erase Me, on April 6 and announced a tour to support this release.

The band open up the show with a brand new track off their new album, On My Teeth. This is followed by a string of oldies, In Regards to Myself, The Blue Note and the ever crowd favorite It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door. Thoughout the set frontman Spencer Chamberlain kept saying how they would be playing new songs followed by a bunch of old ones. It seems that he recognize the concerns surrounding the band’s new album, how fans took to social media saying the new album is not what they know Underoath as and not what they listen to 10 Years ago. Maybe this was the band’s way of trying to ease the crowd into this transition from the old to the new. Regardless, this was a sold-out crowd that they’re playing tonight which either means, fans are here to see a new Underoath, or relive those old memories, or both.

The band continued with a new song Rapture followed by A Moment Suspended in Time and Breathing in a New Mentality. Again before playing new tracks Spencer asked the crowd if it was ok for them to play new songs which he promised to play a bunch of old ones after. It seemed a little weird for a band to be almost asking for the crowd’s approval despite the fact that they were going to play the set list anyway. Regardless, the It has to start somewhere and No Flame were well-received by the crowd. they rolled it back through the years with an all time (and personal favorite) Reinventing Your Exit.

Towards the end, Spencer made a little speech explaining the band’s new album, the band and himself on what happen the last few years. He mentioned on how his mental state wasn’t at the right place how he was coping with addiction but writing new songs and bringing the band back together helped him overcome that. He mentioned how although he knows that fans might not be able to appreciate their new album to actually listen to it deeply, listen to the lyrics how the songs written felt more genuine to him and a reflection of his mental state at that time, how he was able to overcome it, talking about dark issues that no one or mainstream music will not address. He talks about how mainstream music these days talk about fake glory and fame and money talks about real issues which everyone faces everyday but are too afraid to say it.

Underoath may seem different than what everyone sees 10 years ago or prior to their breakup but I assure you this is the same Underoath we all know and love throughout these years, in fact, this is a more genuine and true Underoath with a reignited passion on what they love to do. All that matters now is that Underoath is back, for good. Better than ever.


With very few dates left, be sure to catch them at their No Fix Tour on these remaining dates:

May 24 – Dallas, Texas @ Bomb Factory
May 25 – Little Rock, Ark. @ Metroplex
May 26 – Pryor, Okla. @ Rocklahoma






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