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Gallery/Review: Sum 41 “Does This Look Infected 15th Anniversary Tour”


Last week, Sum 41 brought their “Does This Look Infected 15th Anniversary Tour” to Boston, Massachusetts.

The energy brought by the crowd was incredible. The show started off with Super Whatevr, a 4 piece band from California. With their alternative sounds, fans grew closer to the stage in aw. Next, was Seaway. Their set was amazing, with a lot of enthusiasm from the lead singer.  Finally, the show closed with the headlining band everyone was waiting for – Sum 41. They started off their set with confetti and a chance for some lucky fans to watch the set from side stage. The crowd was pushing, screaming and crowd surfing in order to get on the stage with the band. As for the rest of the set, Sum 41 didn’t just play their second album in its entierty, they also added in some songs from their entire musical career. I would recommend seeing this line up in a city near you!

Tour Dates / Website

You can check out some images from the show below.





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