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Fleet Foxes @ Revention Music Center

Seattle-based folk rock band Fleet Foxes graced Houston with their wonderful harmonies on a Monday night. In an age where the music scene is dominated with computer generated music and and more of beats and less music, it is refreshing to be able to listen organic sounds from musical instruments we all know and grow up with.

The six-piece band warm the hearts and soul of the crowd with their pitch perfect harmonies combined with the stomping of percussions, the piano, guitar (both acoustic and electric) and even an upright bass. They had every instrument you can think of on stage. Their musicianship was unquestionable. In between sets, the band had multiple instrument changes and they did it flawlessly, with one song blending in to next without you realizing it. Frontman Robin Pecknold stole the show with his incredible vocals but it was the unsung star of the show, Morgan Henderson that caught my attention. This man played the guitar, maracas, tamborine, clarinet, trombone, upright bass. I have never seen anyone play more than two instruments on stage, let alone six.

With dreamy visuals of patterns, colors, mountains and abstract geometric patterns playing behind the band and the soothing harmonies and flawless instruments playing, Fleet Foxes reminds us that the age of playing instruments live on stage is still alive.

New York based indie rock group Amen Dunes opened up the show.




Fleet Foxes



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