Interview: BEGINNERS


LA based femme electro pop band Beginners are ones to watch. They have previously toured with the likes of Walk the Moon and Tove Lo. You may recognize some of their music from hearing it on various TV shows like Riverdale, and New Girl.  They just released their catchy new single “Let That Money Talk”, and have a new album coming out soon called CREAM. Beginners consists of Sam Barbera (Vocals/Bass), Honor Nezzo (electronics), and Jason Walker (Drums). We recently got the chance to talk to Beginners’s front woman Sam about the band, their new single “Let That Money Talk”, upcoming album CREAM, 2018 expectations, and much more!


1. Hey guys, glad to talk to you! Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those who may not know you?

Nice to meet you! We’re an electro pop trio from Los Angeles. I’m Sam Barbera…I sing and play bass. Honor Nezzo plays all electronic elements and Jason Walker is on drums.

2. Your new single “Let That Money Talk”, what is the story behind it?

I spent a shocking amount of 2017 inside of Jumbo’s Clown Room, an iconic LA strip club. Somehow the night always led me back there; often with a girl who I was desperately infatuated with. It was exhilarating and tortuous spending night after night in such a sexually charged environment, yet always winding up alone. I wrote Let That Money Talk after one of these long nights. There was a metaphoric magic between the unrequited love of spectator to dancer, and myself to this girl. Always given just enough to want more. That was the impetus of Let That Money Talk, or as we like to call it “Jumbo’s Song”.

3. You guys have a new album coming out called CREAM, can you tell us more about it? What was the inspiration behind it?

Our new record has a lot to do with the pursuit of sex and money, which is where we got the title CREAM from. The record has dancey pop songs that we’re more known for, but also some more stripped down tempo ballads which we’re excited about. A lot of it was written while I was staying in Berlin and the energy of the city definitely comes through in the record.

4. What’s it been like hearing your songs being featured on various TV shows & commercials?

It’s always surreal to hear your music playing randomly on the radio or a clothing store or on TV etc. We’re just making music that we love, so it’s always a bonus when other people love it as well. I know that’s the nature of what we do as artists, but I think for us it’s kind of surprising and amazing every time still! Like, “omg someone likes us?!?!” haha.

5. The band is based in LA, but what’s one place you guys would love to tour?

We really really really want to tour Europe. We’ve had some pretty good success there so far, but still haven’t been over there to play. That would be our number 1.

6. If you had to describe your band in two words what would they be?

Edgy Pop

7. What is in store for 2018? Can we expect a tour?

We’re currently booking out shows along both coasts and some midwest tour runs as well. We’re also hoping to swing through Europe on this cycle. Fingers crossed. Our next show is at the Wayfarer in Orange County, March 21st.

8. Who would you consider your idols or inspirations? Is there anyone you’d love to work with?

Even though we sound more electro pop, we all grew up in the punk/hardcore scene together so a lot of our influences are artists like Fugazi, Black Flag, The Cramps etc. Also The Beatles, always The Beatles. Personally, Frank Ocean really inspired a lot of my writing style on this upcoming record. I love his stream of conscious lyrics and melodies. I’d love to work with Kanye West one day.


9. If you guys weren’t doing music what else would you be doing?

Honor would be a pilot. I’d be an inventor…of what I don’t know, I just want to go on Shark Tank… And Jason would be a travel/food writer.

10. Finally, what’s a fun fact about each of you, or the band in general?

I’m a black belt in Hapkido. Honor is a professional cookie tester. Jason can turn his face fire engine red on command.

Follow what the Beginners are up to here!






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