The Get Free Tour Blazes Through NYC


The Get Free Tour blazed through NYC and it was one theatrical event. Seeing co-headliners Silverstein and Tonight Alive both celebrate being bands for over a decade was definitely a remarkable experience. The entire tour was like a glimpse of this years Warped Tour lineup.

Picturesque graced the stage first with vocalist Kyle Hollis mesmerizing fans with his electrifying vocals and killer range. Majority of their set were tracks from their acclaimed full length debut Back to Beautiful including track”Waiting” which they opened their set with. However, it was track “Monstrous Things,” the title track off of their debut EP that had fans going wild. Up next was pop punk outfit Broadside with a setlist filled with classic anthems. Broadside got the crowd hyped opening up with nostalgic track “The Simple Type.” Broadside continued with the throwback theme by playing tracks “Damaged Kids” and “Storyteller” off of their debut full length Old Bones.  The quartet did mix it up and played tracks “Hidden Colors,” “Puzzle Pieces,” and heartfelt track “Laps Around A Picture Frame” all off of their sophomore effort Hidden Colors. The highlight of the set was when they played anthem “Coffee Talk.” They should definitely hold a world record for the amount of crowd surfers to surf through a crowd in under two minutes. Needless to say they got the crowd pumped for the first co-headliner of the night Tonight Alive.

Tonight Alive joined The Get Free Tour in support of their recent release Underworld.  To say Tonight Alive’s set was rambunctious would be an understatement. When the band opened up with track “Book of Love” the energy in the room was incredible and the crowd surfing was unceasing, giving photographers only one song in the pit before getting kicked out, but that didn’t even phase me. I got a chance to sit on the sidelines and see Tonight Alive  as a fan and it truly had me awestruck. The charisma that vocalist Jenna Mcdougall has is clearly unmatched, while the showmanship and musicianship of each band member is unapologetically raw.  Tonight Alive gave fans one last chance to let lose when the closed their set with anthemic track “Temple”. Silverstein was next to hit the stage and they weren’t holding back any punches. Opening up their set with heavy hitting track “Ghost” off of their 2017 release Dead Reflection, fans wasted no time moshing their hearts out.  Silverstein continued to bring the heavy in their set with  throwback tracks “Bleeds No More,” “Massachusetts”  “Smile in Your Sleep,” and new songs “Whiplash” and “Lost Positives” back to back. Silverstein slowed things down mid set with a beautiful stripped down piano solo of “Arrivals”by lead guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau.  Vocalist Shane Told followed after with an acoustic version of “My Heroin. Silverstein finished the night strong ending the night with cult classic ballad “Discovering the Waterfront” and fiery track”Afterglow” off of their recent release Dead Reflections. 


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