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Waterparks at Irving Plaza in NYC on 11/30

The Waterparks: Made in America tour hit Irving Plaza in New York City on November 30th. The line up consisted of Sleep On It, Chapel, As It Is, and of course, Waterparks. Sleep On It opened the show and even though they were an opener, there were crowd surfers and mosh pits for the entire set.

Next was Chapel, as Awsten describes them, “The Best Band in The World” and they played their entire debut EP Sunday Brunch except for Fools Gold. They even had a few crowd surfers. Their sound is the softest on the tour but amazing for sure.

As It Is, from the UK, served as main support and as soon as their set started, crowd surfers began flying toward the stage. The mosh pits opened and the energy in the room immediately rose. This is a band that has always had an incredible stage presence.

Last, but not least, Waterparks took the stage, opening with Plum Island straight off of Double Dare. This headliner was on a bigger production scale than their previous headliner earlier this year. Geoff sprinted back and forth between two microphones on opposite sides of the stage. The crowd surfing and pits did not stop once Waterparks hit the stage.


Remaining dates are:
December 4th- Charlotte, NC
December 5th- Atlanta, Georgia.

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