Basement @ The Fillmore

UK grunge outfit Basement graced the stage of a sold out Fillmore Philly Wednesday night. The quintet opened up for The Front Bottoms, but the way the crowd was rocking out during their set you would think it was their own headlining show. Die hard fans of Basement know the band usually open their set with track “Whole” and end with single “Covet,” but with the release of their 2017 full length Promise Everything Basement switched things up and started their set with album opener “Brother’s Keeper.” Although Basement was on this tour in support of Promise Everything, It was a pleasant surprise to fans to hear throwback tracks “Fading” and “Crickets Threw Their Voice” off of their cult classic full length I Wish I Could Stay Hear.  Fans got even more rambunctious when they closed out their set with title track “Promise Everything.” Basement is a band that is slowly making their way to becoming a household name. Keep an eye out on these five boys from Ipswich because they’ll be selling out their own headlining tours very soon.


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