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Gallery: The Maine at Baltimore Soundstage

The Modern Nostalgia Tour featuring the Maine, Night Riots and Dreamers hit the Baltimore Soundstage on November 10th. This sold out show featured some incredible talent. Night Riots opened the show and did not have to try hard to win the crowd over. Their incredibly catchy music and great stage presence along with their unique performance tricks, such as using light up drumsticks was very impressive.

Dreamers were next and they brought a more 80’s vibe similar to Wallows (Dylan from 13 Reasons Why). Although the music had a much more chill vibe, it was still full of energy and they seemed to be a crowd favorite.

Last, but not least, The Maine hit the stage with an incredible production performing their newest album Little, Lovely, Lonely in its entirety. John made a point to remind the crowd that everyone should be having a good time and feel safe in this environment which is one reason this band is so great. They ended their set with their previous release American Candy in full and stayed inside to meet fans after the show.

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remaning dates:

  • NOV 17
    House Of Blues
    Night Riots
  • NOV 18
    Gas Monkey Bar N Grill
    Night Riots
  • NOV 19
    Night Riots
  • NOV 22
    The Van Buren
    Night Riots
  • NOV 24
    House of Blues
    Night Riots

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