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Gallery: Knucke Puck, With Confidence, Homesafe, and Movements at Baltimore Soundstage.

Knuckle Puck’s headliner hit the Baltimore Soundstage earlier this month with Homesafe, With Confidence, and Movements. The show was not sold out, but the room was packed with barely any room to move once Knuckle Puck was on. Baltimore shows always bring high energy. The entire night was full of singing, circle pits, and tons and tons of crowd surfing.

Homesafe opened the set and despite being a smaller band, the crowd was loving them. There were circle pits and crowd surfing, not as much as the other bands, but still a fair amount of the opening band. Knuckle Puck’s own Ryan is the front man of the band and he has incredible stage presence. The entire set was full of high energy.

Movements was next and as soon as they started, crowd surfers were everywhere. The fans of this band are extremely passionate and Pat, the lead singer repeatedly said “if you’re here for this band, get up here” and the crowd did not disappoint. You know it’s a good set, if you spend the first three songs constantly dodging crowd surfers.

With Confidence, all the way from Australia, didn’t drop the energy once they hit the stage. Just like movements, as soon as they started, crowd surfing, singing and an explosion of energy filled the room. While I was there for the entire package, this band was definitely my favorite. Unfortunately, they will not be appearing on the rest of the tour due to recent events of their guitarist Luke Rockets being removed for sexual misconduct.

Knuckle Puck always puts on a fantastic show and no one is left sitting down. They played a ton of songs off their new album Shapeshifter and also old favorites. The room was filled with voices singing the words back at frontman Joe Taylor and there were crowd surfers for the entire set, even the slow songs.

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Apologies that this post is so late, so remaining dates are:

Nov 17
Agora Ballroom
Cleveland, OH
Nov 18
St. Andrew’s Hall
Detroit, MI
Nov 19
Skully’s Music Diner
Columbus, OH




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