Story of the Year drop new song, “I Swear I’m Okay”

story of the ye

Story of the Year is giving fans another dose of new music with the premiere of “I Swear I’m Okay” with Billboard. The single comes from upcoming album Wolves, due out December 8th, 2017. Wolves is available for pre-order via Pledge Music now.

“There’s definitely something special about ‘I Swear I’m Okay’.  As soon as Ryan sent the demo over, ideas just started pouring out.  I sat down to record some vocal ideas and the first thing that came out of my mouth was the line, ‘I Swear I’m Okay.’  It’s something that people say, to hide the fact that things aren’t truly okay.  A mask that you wear when you don’t want to be honest with others or yourself.  This song means that and so much more to me and it’s one of my proudest moments on the record.” –Dan Marsala, vocals


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