Brand New @ The Electric Factory

My first and last time seeing Brand New was nothing less than extraordinary. You see, a Brand New show isn’t any typical concert, their works of art. It’s a theatrical event, it’s poetry in motion. It’s ardent passion and catharsis all wrapped into one. The scene starts with Brand New opening up with “Lit Me Up,” the opening track off their fifth and final full length Science Fiction. Their set design was the most unique set up I’ve ever laid eyes on. The emo kings played behind a metal gate covered with twinkling LED lights creating mystique and leaving fans in a state of intrigue. As Brand New played the second track off of their setlist “Gasoline,” fans got as rambunctious as the dynamic rock track itself. As the LED lights continued to flicker and create mosaics, fans were filled with immense passion, but nothing can compare to the energy the crowd had as the gate slowly went up during the third song. As the crowd saw their idols; some for the first time, others for the 100th, it was a mix of whirlwind emotions. Some cried because this may indeed be their last tour and many rejoiced, thanking the band for all they’ve done for them. I was a mixture of both.

Brand New’s setlist catered mainly to the die hards as they played a mixture of deep cut tracks off of Daisy, The Devil & God…, Deja Entendu, and of course some tracks off of Science Fiction. 

Brand New ended Act I in grandiose fashion. The gate slowly went down as the first notes of “Sowing Season” bellowed out in the concert hall while the twinkling lights glimmered once again like night stars. As the final chord rang the band left the stage to gear up for an encore performance. The grand finale was Jesse Lacey’s solo performance of their hit track “Soco Amaretto Lime.” As Jesse played fans hugged their friends, shared tears, belted out the lyrics, and rejoiced from the nostalgia.

Thank you Brand New for a wonderful sixteen years and for making us all feel “18 forever” one last time.



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