Interview: Anson


Los Angeles-based Alternative Rock band, ANSON is a 3-piece act set to bridge early 2000’s emo rock with today’s mainstream stratosphere. The band just released their brand new EP, To Be Or Nothing At All, and Black Noise got a chance to chat with them about the roots of the band, inspirations and their new album.

Can you tell us a bit about ANSON for any readers who may not be familiar?

We are an alternative rock band from Los Angeles. We definitely indulge our influences from the bands they we grew up loving and look to make that sound more modern and bring it into 2018. – Z

ANSON recently released a brand new EP, how does the writing process go about when writing new songs? Any particular head space you guys were in when writing and recording To Be Or Nothing At All?

The head space I was in writing the new EP was a brutally honest and vulnerable one. I wanted to let go of all my fears and just say what I felt. The writing process took about two years time and many songs were put on and taken off the EP. At first there were maybe 11 songs and it was supposed to be an album, but we started curating and picked 4 songs that we loved to make this EP. – Anson

How was it working with Andrew D’Angelo and Dan Korneff?

It was great! Andrew was great at helping me make great arrangements for these songs and finding the sound I was going for. Dan is a legend and I was honored to even have him touch the record. He’s super understanding and a great mixer. – Anson

What would you describe ANSON’s sound as and where do you draw influences from?

I would describe it as alternative emo rock. We take influences from bands like Taking Back Sunday, Mayday Parade, and Catfish and the Bottlemen. -Anson

How did you all get together and form Anson?

Well Anson and I met when us and mutual friend went airsofting. Anson and I just clicked over the love of good music and a similar vision to change the world. Zack and I met when we filmed the video for To Be Or Nothing At All. We clicked made tons of jokes and before we knew it we all became one unit. – George 

What would you like your fans to be able to take away from your music and live performances?

I want fans to see we’re different from other bands out there. We’re not doing what sells, our goal is to make a connection. When it comes to live shows we’re setting the bar on perfection nothing less. We’re going to blow y’all away.  – George

What makes ANSON stand out from the rest of the bands in the industry? –

I think what really sets us apart in the industry is that we are writing pop songs with guitar driven music. It seems like the guitar has kind of taken a back seat in popular music, with synthesizers and 808s dominating the airwaves. But we grew up loving guitar and guitar driven music and look to keep it alive. – Z

At last, what message would you like to give to your fans and our readers?

We are really excited to have the EP newly released and we are looking forward to touring in the near future. To keep up with everything we have going on, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @ANSONofficial. – Z


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