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DAGNY // House of Blues // 9.28.17


Dagny is a new and upcoming female artist. Her band is currently on their first tour in America as they open up for LANY. This allows them to experience how to perform in big crowds and they killed it; Dagny surprised the venue.

Dagny and her band were constantly moving. Usually the crowd is just standing there for opening acts, but not her. The crowd was dancing, clapping, and screaming after every song. The audience’s energy was unbelievably lifting. Dagny never stopped smiling as she was moving on stage. One second she’s on the piano, the next she’s playing with her tambourine, and then suddenly she’s interacting with the fans. All of her songs were super upbeat and that worked perfectly with her personally. Hearing her Norwegian accent as she talks, but yet sound so American when she sings. Even though her music was new to the people, it didn’t stop them from having fun.

Here is her website:

You can check out all of her EPs here:

Catch them on the next tour near you:


Photos by @angiejustshootme:


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