LIMBS announce EP, ‘Sleep’


Following last week’s signing, LIMBS has announced that they will be releasing their new EP, SLEEP, on October 27th, via Equal Vision Records. The EP, which was produced by Tim McTague (Underoath), will feature six tracks total, including the band’s debut single on the label, “POISON.” Pre-orders are available now at, and include an instant grat download of “POISON.”

SLEEP is a collection of six songs written over the past two years or so. We got a chance to revisit some older tracks and, in our opinion, improve upon them. While we never want to be confined to a specific niche or sound, we feel this collection will serve as a good introduction to our band. There’s a pretty specific era in this genre that we draw influence from, but we hope that will continuously evolve and change as time goes on. All in all, we’re just excited to get our music out to more people than we’ve had the chance to in the past.

SLEEP Tracklisting:

  2. RAT
  3. EYES
  4. BONES
  5. RUIN
  6. SLEEP

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