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BN Review: Frank Iero and the Patience – Keep The Coffins Coming


Belleville, New Jersey’s alternative rock band Frank Iero and the Patience is releasing their new EP Keep The Coffins Coming on September 22nd. Consisting of Frank Iero, Evan Nestor and Matt Olson, the band joined together in 2013 after Frank’s split from My Chemical Romance and released their debut album, Stomachaches, in August 2014. Their debut album, was followed by their sophomore album Parachutes in October 2016. Keep The Coffins Coming is a four track EP that bridges the gap between their two previous albums.

The band recorded Keep The Coffins Coming with one of Frank Iero’s heroes, Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies). After three days of recording in a firehouse building in Chicago, the band along with Steve completed the EP. Frank shares, “The EP is this missing link between Stomachaches and Parachutes. It’s everything I wanted it to be.”

Keep The Coffins Coming opens with I’m A Mess, previously featured on Parachutes, is now revised and recharged. The third song on the EP, No Fun Club, has traces back to Stomachaches’ basement punk sound with its straining vocals and soaring instrumentals. While Frank Iero’s lyrics may be hard to understand at times in the song, it’s the underlying sound behind the lines that reflects the mood of this track.

The EP ends with You Are My Sunshine, which feels slightly out of place in comparison to the previous three songs with its melodic alt-rock sound and lighter heartfelt lyrics.

Frank Iero and the Patience created Keep The Coffins Coming to bridge together the gap that divided their two previous pieces of work for themselves as well as their fans to get a deeper understanding of their band’s punk angst identity. Keep The Coffins Coming is an EP not to be overlooked.

The EP will be available to stream/purchase at digital retailers tomorrow.

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