PREMIERE: Eternal Boy talk new album and band roots in new Mini Doc

eternal boy

Eternal Boy is a product of the Drive-Thru Records era – the glory days of the pop-punk culture. After touring extensively under The SpacePimps, it was time for the band to rebrand by evolving the name in order to grow their audience. Awkward Phase (released on July 14) is the highly-anticipated debut album under the new name, which features 12 heavy-hitting, nostalgia-filled tracks. It is an ode the ethos of the throwback pop-punk world, which was personified by friendship, heartache, and those countless awkward moments of growing up.

The guys in Eternal Boy got the chance to grow up in the glory days of pop-punk, getting to see and draw influences from bands that are considered legends today such as Social Distortion and more. From drawing influences to finding a sense of belonging in the early pop-punk scene and talking about the new album, we bring you the brand new Mini Documentary from Eternal Boy.

“For me the album kind of came to fruition where I’m so sick of people asking me “Are you still in that band?.” A lot of people think that being in a band at our size, at our level, we should have grown out of years ago. The irony is that I don’t think I’m ever going to grow out of it in some capacity. It’s just as important to me as it was 10 years ago, or 5 years ago, or two years ago. This isn’t a phase, this is a lifestyle in many ways.” – Rishi

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