Interview: Icaria


Can you tell us a bit about Icaria for any readers who maynot be familiar?

We formed back in January 2015′. We
hadn’t announced that we were even a
band until September 2016′. A few of us
were playing music in a older project and
things were sort of fading out at the time.
After the group disbanded, the core of us
wanted to continue playing music and
create something that we were truly
passionate about and that sound was
something heavier and melodic. – Marc


You guys just dropped your new album, Transcendent, howdoes the writing process go about when writing a new album? Any particular headspace you guys were in when writing and recording Transcendent?

The writing process usually begins with the composition of the music. Once we have a skeleton of music formed we begin writing vocals and lyrics. From there the vocals and lyrics begin to take the top priority. So it’s not uncommon for us to completely change parts once vocals begin to take shape. Once we have all the music and vocals married perfectly together we feel the song is complete.

 As far as writing a new album, we have a head space that comes together as the first couple of songs take shape. We start getting a vibe for what kind of music we’re writing genuinely at that moment in our lives. Once the first couple come together we like to try to move on getting the rest of the album written so we have a fluid and cohesive. –Ricky

How does the release of Transcendent differ from all of your previous work?

Well, this being our first release it’s 
something new and fresh for all of us.
 Transcendent had so much passion and
emotion behind it when being created we 
just wanted it to be perfect and not allow
 ourselves to settle on even the tiniest of 
details. I feel like the difference between
 this album is that when you listen to it, it 
will take you on a journey that will allow 
you to feel the emotion we are trying to
convey. -Marc

About the album release show for Transcendent, anything special planned for the show?

We have a bunch of awesome bands playing that we’re really excited about seeing and sharing the stage with. 

It’s also doubling as our labels 4 year anniversary show, so we have 3 great Cardigan Records artists representing at the show!


What would you describe Icarias’ sound as and where do you draw influences from?

Progressive, dynamic, melodic, and 
heavy. I know all of our members draw
influence from different places.
 The band as a whole draws influence from all over. 
Personally, I draw influence from bands
 like: Deftones, Thrice, Circa Survive. – Marc

My influences draw from all different genres but heavy stuff my biggest influence are Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, Tesseract, Steve Vai, Animals As Leaders, Circa Survive, Periphery, Killswitch Engage. That is just the beginning of a long list but these guys are all some of the biggest influences.


How did you all get together and form Icaria?

The band formed out of an old band most of us were in. We decided that we wanted to really do what was in our hearts artistically and Icaria is the end result.


What would you like your fans to be able to take away from your music?

I would like our fans to be able to feel and hear something that they can
relate to and apply to everyday life. A
lot of lyrical themes on this record
are about overcoming certain
obstacles in one’s life. Really, I just
want people to listen to it with an
open mind and enjoy the music as
much as I do. If our music helps
someone out in the process that is
icing on the cake. -Marc


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