Interview: Eternal Boy


From playing the stage at Warped Tour to releasing a brand new music video, Eternal Boy is as busy as a band can get. Based out of Pittsburgh, Eternal Boy is a reminder of the glory days of pop-punk culture. After dropping a new album and new music video, we caught up with Eternal Boy to see how things are going.

Can you tell us a bit about Eternal Boy for any readers who may not be familiar?

We are a self proclaimed throwback pop punk band from Pittsburgh. For fans of old Blink 182, New Found Glory, The Starting Line, Green Day, etc.

Eternal Boy just played the Pittsburgh stop of Warped Tour on the Full Sail University, how was the whole experience? Your favorite part of the experience?

We have played warped tour a lot over the years and like those experiences, Pittsburgh was amazing. It was the day our album came out which made the experience even more memorable. My favorite part, other than playing, was to see how diverse the lineup was. You had Neck Deep, Anti Flag, Gwar, Save Ferris, and a plethora of bands that would normally never play together.

About your new music video for “Hung Up On Hope,” how did the filming process of the video go?

It was very different from what we are used to since we had a dog on site. The dog, Mo, is actually deaf and up for adoption. We have always been advocates for animal adoption, and thought it would be a great way to push an important message all while having a great story line. The directors are amazing and the final product exceeded our expectations.

Did you have any specific goals in mind when filming the music video for “Hung Up On Hope?”

Our goal was to fun and light hearted with a message. I think that we achieved that.

How did you all get together and form Eternal Boy and where did the inspiration to form a group come from?

We used to be called The SpacePimps for a number of years. The last SpacePimps album was called “Eternal Boy,” which really encapsulates who we are (always young at heart). We decided that in order to grow as a band and capitalize on a number of opportunities, we needed to change the name. We got stuck with it years ago and it just felt like it was time. We are all very glad we made that tough choice to change it.

Eternal Boy seems pretty busy this time around, playing Warped stops, releasing a music video, but most importantly: your new album. How did the recording process go and were you guys in any particular headspace when recording Awkward Phase?

Busy is an understatement, but that is how we like it. Recording is one of the coolest processes a band can take part of. We did it with one of the best in the industry, Chris Badami. He has done some of our favorite albums of all time, and he just gets it; he understands the bands expectations, the consumers, and his, and he can balance them very well. Hearing songs that we write alone in our bedroom come to life is one of the most rewarding parts of playing music.

How does the release of Awkward Phase differ from the rest of your previous work?

This is at a much larger scale. We are working with Four Chord Music for the launch, and it is just much more organized with clear goals set from the beginning. The roll out of the release includes all of the important parts: PR, marketing, touring, creatives, etc. It feels like a real release.

At last, what would you describe Eternal Boy’s sound and where do you guys draw inspiration from?

We are throwback pop punk that derives our inspiration from our forefathers: Blink 182 New Found Glory, The Starting Line, The Ataris, Face to Face, Allister, Homegrown, Rufio, MxPx, Seaway, and too many more to name.


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