Neck Deep release new song, “Motion Sickness”

neck deep

Neck Deep has released the third track and music video for “Motion Sickness,” the lead track on their upcoming album, The Peace and The Panic, due out August 18th via Hopeless Records.

“Motion Sickness is the song that really bridges the vibe and lyrical message of Life’s Not Out To Get You to the new album. It’s the song on ‘The Peace & The Panic’ that shares the most in common with what we’ve done before, whilst still fitting with the rest of the new material. Like a lot of the new record, it carries a theme of duality; the verses are about confusion and struggle, but the choruses are about not giving up, not letting hard times get the best of you.” -Ben Barlow

The Peace And The PanicTrack Listing:

1. Motion Sickness

2. Happy Judgement Day

3. In Bloom

4. 19 Seventy Sumthin’

5. Parachute

6. Don’t Wait (ft. Sam Carter)

7. Heavy Lies

8. Critical Mistake

9. The Grand Delusion

10. Wish You Were Here

11. Where Do We Go When We Go



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