Interview: Coast Modern


Straight out of Los Angeles, Coast Modern is made up of Coleman Trapp and Luke Atlas. They’re here to  bring their own twist into the music world. Building on an admiration for the spirit of misfit alternative bands and the fearless ethos of modern hip hop, the duo creates alternative pop with a wink that aims to push the genre into the future. With their recently released single “Dive” and a new album in the works, we got together with Coast Modern to talk about their plans for 2017 and where they draw inspiration from.

Hey guys! Can you tell us a little bit about Coast Modern for any readers who may not be familiar?

Hey! We’re a future-leaning alternative pop group from the sunny shores of LA, exploring what it means to be alive in the age of weirdness we’re all in.

 Coast Modern gives the same vibe I get from Grouplove’s music, where do you guys pull inspiration from when working on a new album?

No limits on where we draw inspiration, that’s partly why the sound is so broad and free. We go back to bands like Weezer, Beck, and The Beach Boys, to modern hip hop, poetry, philosophy. Most of our tunes come from some unconscious well, so we never know what will turn up.

What would you like listeners to be able to take away from your music or live performances?

It’d be cool if they’re inspired to be themselves a little more, or get in touch with whatever that is. I hope people make fresh new art and tell meaningful personal stories.

Coast Modern just played the FPSF in Houston before it got cancelled due to intense weather. How was the experience?

It had the tingly feeling in the air like something big might be lurking, so our set had some cool extra tension. But it was fun to play in the sun before the storm to a bunch of pumped up kids dancing in the mud. We totally got soaked on the way to the van after the set because we underestimated the power of Texas storms.

Who do you guys hope to tour with in the future?

Oh boy, we’ve already toured with some jammers like Børns and The Wombats, but it’d be cool to go out with bands we dig like Lewis Del Mar, Electric Guest, or pop peeps Like Charli XCX or Lorde. Maybe 21 Pilots? We’ll see…

How did you all get together and form Coast Modern and where did the inspiration to form a group come from?

We started after trying to write songs for other people that weren’t satisfying us creatively. After getting burnt out, running away, full existential crisis mode, we snapped and decided to do a project based solely on the whims of our creative spark, wherever that took us in the moment. The band is a reflection of that mysterious place where ideas and feelings bubble around in the unconscious.

You guys just dropped ‘Dive’, what’s the meaning behind the song?

It’s about embracing life and diving headfirst into whatever comes, whether it be a relationship or a new opportunity, even if it scares you. The things that scare you might be the best for you. The song as has some serious summer love vibes, which is always fun.

Any other big plans for 2017?

More videos, an album, more tours, feature films, clothes, apps, gatherings, you name it. This is more than a band… it’s is a movement.

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