Heirsound releases Vol. I of ‘Layers’ EP Collection


HEIRSOUND, formed by Alexa San Román & Dane Petersen unveiled LAYERS, a three-volume collection of EPs which will be released over the next few months. Today, the duo is surprising fans by dropping four infectious new tracks with Vol. I. Layers is separated into different musical moods which the duo felt needed to be sectioned off for optimal understanding of the emotional journey it goes through. Purchase LAYERS here.

Last week, the group released a self-produced music video for the first single, “Proud,” which is the track that opens up LAYERS Vol. I. Watch the video below.

We are excited to share with the world the first installment of the Layers collection.  We’ve worked long & hard to create something real that we are proud of & Volume 1 is just that.  This EP deals with reactionary aggressive emotion & some of it is not pretty but nonetheless it is where our story begins. We hope that you decide to take the journey through all 3 EPs to experience the full emotional transformation & arrive at where we stand today..” – Alexa San Román


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