Interview: The Traditional

the traditional

Buffalo rock band, The Traditional, formed in 2012.From being the opening band at a garage show to selling out The Waiting Room (one of Buffalo’s premiere music venues) and touring the U.S. , The Traditional have continued to grow in every aspect of their career.

The band recently released their new EP, The Queen Of Heaven, we sat down with the band to talk about the new record and the exciting things that entailed in the process of the record.

Can you tell us a little bit about The Traditional for any readers who may not be familiar?

The Traditional is a 3 piece rock band from Buffalo, NY. We started in 2012 and are putting out our 3rd record.

How did the name The Traditional come about and how did the band reach its current sound?

The name came from us mulling around trying to think of names in Jon’s basement. One of us looked over and saw an empty box of Yuengling and saw Traditional Lager on the side and it stuck. We reached our current sound by trial and error haha. We’ve written so many songs that will never see the light of day just trying stuff out and trying to form something coherent. I think we’ve finally come into our own on this record and I’m stoked.

You recently released a new EP, what are some music influences than can be heard on The Queen Of Heaven?

God. Our influences come from all over the place. I was into your typical brand new, taking back sunday, and stuff like that. Jon is super into classic emo stuff like Sunny Day, and Mike has always been into the rock, Classic Rock, and metal stuff. For us, it seems to have really worked and brings in so much diversity for our sound.

What songs were you most excited for the world and your fans to hear off of your new EP? What do you want listeners to take away after listening to The Queen Of Heaven?

I was really excited for people to hear Thirty. I think that song really outlined how I was feeling during the writing process. I really want people to hear these songs and realize they’re not alone if they’re having similar feelings. I want people to be able to relate and be able to use these songs as therapy just like I did.

How does the writing process go about when writing your new EP? Any particular headspace you guys were in when writing and recording, The Queen Of Heaven?

I was in a really dark place when we wrote this record and I think it shines through in the songs. They’re very personal. The writing process usually starts with me or Mike having a chorus or a small riff and then we build on it together as a band. We wrote 16 songs for this EP and chose the best 6 that we thought represented out band.

How excited are you guys for your release show on April 8th!? Anything special planned?

We are so stoked! We can’t wait to play these new songs live for people. We’re going to play a bunch of songs from our collection and we can’t wait to hang with everyone.


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