Interview: Can’t Swim

cant swim

Catching up with singer Chris LoPorto of New Jersey-based punk band Can’t Swim, we were able to talk about tour life and their new album Fail You Again releasing March 10th on Purenoise Records.

Pretty amazing Can’t Swim was signed to Pure Noise before your guys’ first show together, how’d that end up happening?

We finished the recordings and just wanted to share it with some of our friends. Some of those friends sent it to some of their friends, and soon enough Pure Noise got wind of it. Jake (owner of the label) called me on the phone and wanted to put our record out, simple as that.

Debut EP, first full length, and a shit load of touring in two years of being a band, you guys are really hitting the ground running eh? 

I think we have a lot of catching up to do. Starting with zero and signing to a label right off the bat, we have a lot of work to do on the foundation of the band, we wanted to be as busy as possible this year.

So let’s talk about your new album, Fail you again. What was your guys’ mentality going into writing this?

I think we write songs and not records. Though I’d like to think the songs are cohesive, we just focus on writing the best song and being happy with the 3 minutes of music rather than worrying about where does this “fit” on an album.

Some of this had to written on the road with you guys always away from home?

Sure. Some of the lyrics were certainly written on the road but the music was mostly demoed at home.

Did you guys run into any challenges while writing this?

I mean, I think with any project you are bound to run into some road blocks. But due to the fact we wrote and recorded it all ourselves, the process was very relaxed and comfortable.

There’s a lot of energy and a lot of fuck-you coming from this album, wouldn’t you agree?

I certainly hope not, my mother hates profanity.

Did you guys look for this album to be a different sound compared to your older stuff? 

I don’t think intentionally. But we didn’t shy away from certain ideas if they had a different vibe, we elaborated on them and tried to write and cater to what was best for that particular song. In doing that, I’d like to think we have some pretty different sounding stuff compared to our first release.

Regarding the tour coming up with Four Year Strong, what’re you looking forward to most about that?

The first tour we ever did was with Four Year Strong in March of last year. Excited to do a full US run with them exactly a year later. Very very lovely guys and a pleasure to tour with. Looking forward to watching them crush it every night and kids singing along to their songs.

What would you want Can’t swim fans to know about this album that they might otherwise not know?

It was the first project we worked on together, the first songs we wrote together and really the blueprint to what we want this band to be.


Okay, quick fire round

Track from Fail You Again that got you most choked up writing it…

One Shot

Fastest track to be finished…written to recorded…

Hey Amy

Can’t Swim’s preferred distractions in the studio…


Where do your best songs come to you?

While driving

You could own any famous musician’s instrument from any time before 2000, what do you choose?

Geddy Lee’s double neck bass

You have to crush a six pack, what’re you drinking?

Saka Water

Band member is making the crew drinks, what’s he making?

Iced Coffee 

Things you couldn’t do on tour without…

Sake Water, Iced Coffee

Who’s the worst at packing?

Drunk Danny

What makes you guys most homesick while on tour?

New Jersey bagels 

Tour grub of choice?


One thing that you’d always put on your rider…

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Describe Can’t Swim to someone who’s never listened in one word


Snag a copy of Can’t Swim’s new album Fail You Again on Friday March 10th.

Interviewed and written by Alex Pellegrino



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