Lions And Tigers and Almost Famous Friends drop split-EP


Upcoming bands, Lions and Tigers and Almost Famous Friends (for fans of The Story So Far, Jimmy Eat World, Relient K) have teamed up to produce a split EP.

Almost Famous Friends is an emotionally fueled pop-punk band from Austin, Texas, inspired by acts such as The Story So Far, Brand New, Real Friends, and Citizen. These self-proclaimed ‘Chronic Sad Boys’ of Austin were brought together by the powerful songwriting of lead vocalist and guitarist Tristan Wilson in 2014 and haven’t slowed down for a second. After a very busy year, the guys are excited to share their latest music. Feb 17th, 2017 marks the release of Almost Famous Friends Split EP with local Austin TX homies Lions and Tigers, which showcases emotional depth and breadth of rising talent in the live music capital.

Lions and Tigers is a direct testament to the resurgence of emotional alternative rock developing in Austin, Texas today. Transforming into their current format over the last 4 years, the band is anchored by Alex Maranto (vocals and guitar), Anthony Morales (drums), and Jenny Barras (bass). With a passion for constant growth in his song writing style, Alex struggled to find the right sound for the first few years, but towards the end of 2015 things really fell into place.

“For me, this pair of songs is really an exploration of new experiences mixed with nostalgia. In the Fall of 2016 I relocated to Denver for college and had to overcome the idea that I was isolated and somewhat lost. It took some time, but I began to realize I was on a path of discovering new things; developing a different perspective of the world we live in. With “InTune” I explored that idea of being lost and kinda stuck in the past and day dreaming too much. “Displaced” got me out of that state of mind by realizing that while aspects of society and life make you uncomfortable, those experiences enable personal growth. As with all our music, we hope that fans can relate to these themes in a way that impacts their lives positively.” – Tristan Wilson, Almost Famous Friends


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