Sleeping with Sirens’ Kellin Quinn signs first band, Chase Your Words, to new label

chase your words

Kellin Quinn’s new record label, Pretty Rad Records, signed on its first band. Chase Your Words is an up and coming pop-punk band from Vancouver and premiered their new song “Keep In Mind” on AltPress.

“Chase Your Words brings a youthfulness I think music has been missing within the scene,” says Sleeping With Sirens’ frontman Quinn. “Their EP is just stacked full of hooks and melodies that’ll have you repeating the chorus on first listen. CYW, to me, is the band you need to keep your eyes on, because they’re poised to be the next big thing.”

“Throughout 2016, we’ve met up with Kellin multiple times at Warped tour to hang out, chill, watch a bunch of awesome bands, and meet new people through him, and he’s given us a big boost on social media,” says Siglo. “We definitely consider Kellin a mentor, and we’re so grateful for everything he’s done and continues to do. He’s really inspired us to keep fighting and fulfil our dreams!”



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