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Joyce Manor @ The Regent, Los Angeles CA

2016 was a nice year Joyce Manor – they put out a full length album which was fine tuned, well produced, and supported by Epitaph Records. “Cody” included songs longer than three minutes and dove deeper into the depths of lead singer Barry Johnson’s heart. This past week they played their first sold out shows of 2017 at the Regent Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. Like every Joyce Manor show, the rage dial was turned up full blast. This lovely punk show was promoted by FYF and even included a sweet non profit event where fans could bring in sweaters in exchange for an FYF treat and it all benefited the Downtown Women’s Center.

Toys That Kill, hailing from San Pedro was first up on stage followed by fellow punk quad AJJ who both blew the crowd away. Around 10:30pm the venue was packed and ready for the swell. Joyce Manor hit the stage and luckily performed songs from their entire discography with standouts being “Last You Hear Of Me”, “Midnight Service At The Mutter Museum”, and the amazing close out song “5 Beer Plan”. The entire show was like a family party with fans ranging from all ages. Security at the Regent is pretty tight so the moshing and surfing was kept to a minimum compared to previous shows I have witnessed – but that didn’t stop the “Constant Headache” loving crowd from tearing up the venue as soon as the classic song started. Joyce Manor will always be a band that brings their songs to life whenever they perform. Listening at home to an album is nice but it will never compare to the insane experience of seeing them live. Don’t miss your chance next time, especially since the next show will make a nice road trip out towards Joshua Tree at it will be the last one near for a minute.

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