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The Growlers @ The Wiltern, Los Angeles CA

The Growlers @ The Wiltern, Los Angeles CA

The Growlers were up for their third and last show in LA on Friday night. It didn’t really occur to me that I would be seeing the Growlers tonight until I finally made it inside the venue soaking wet. For the past three days it has rained in LA more than what feels like the past 5 years combined. Starting to think that rain is just following this band. Sometimes certain bands just have this thing surrounding them – like every time I see thee Commons (never fails) I get a parking ticket. Anyways it was Beach Goth pt. 2 this Friday and the line to get into the Wiltern was wrapping around more than three blocks an hour after doors opened. Everyone was wet and ready to party. After finally making it inside I came to find a DJ in a Santa hat with only a speedo on…not really sure why – but that kept us entertained until 9:45 when the Growlers hit the stage.

Let it be known that the crowd supporting this show was just as amazing as the band itself. The place roared as soon as the band of 5 walked out in their matching Christmas suits that made them all appear to be gameshow hosts plucked right out of a 70’s TV set. It also makes sense how these guys coined the term “Beach Goth” – if you aren’t familiar Beach Goth is a huge festival put on in Orange County California that combines the tangy psych rock beach sounds straight outta the garage. This year it happened to be a bit chaotic due to unexpected rain and massive crowds with little security. But if you can just imagine beautiful girls in cheetah print fur coats dancing next to tough looking punk guys reppin’ denim on denim with beer, weed, and the Growlers playing in the background – you have Beach Goth. The vibes were no different inside the Wiltern and everyone was grooving. There was no opener to this sold out show so these guys played over 30 songs from their 6 studio albums. Overall the set was nice and lengthy and the crowd went wild for every single song. An amazing show for some amazing fans – Thanks Santa for bringing the Growlers around just in time for the holidays.

Check Them Out Here


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